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CPL Tharren Lewis Limassol Cyprus February 2017


I got admitted into hospital in Cyprus yesterday. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the overnight kit. It really helped.


I had no idea about what you did or even if you still operated after Afghanistan ended.


I'll pass the word around to tell everybody about the continued support you're continuing with. Many thanks


Jake HMS Raleigh December 2016


My name is Jake and I'm going through my phase 1 training at HMS Raleigh to join the Royal Navy. When we have our last church service a member of the class is allowed to nominate a charity where all proceeds from the service will be donated to. I was given the chance to do this and I decided to choose Troop Aid  as I believe it is an incredible cause which doesn't get as much support as it should. I'm sending this to let you know that you should receive a donation from the church, I'm not sure how much it will be but I hope it is enough to help.

Yours sincerely,



Shug Thorburn Limassol Cyprus October 2016


Was checked into YGIA polyclinic in Limassol Cyprus this morning at 03.00. Had liason officer call and organised clothes from yourself as I was in the gear I came in with. I never even knew that such a charity existed. A massive thank you to Troop Aid for the supply of the clothing and washing kit. Made me feel more human this morning. I will spread awareness of this amazing charity and make a donation. Thank you so much.


Benjamin Whatling in Northallerton Hospital March 2016


To all the guys at Troop Aid and all those that have donated, helped and supported the Charity, thank you. When I  was admitted to hospital on Friday night I was worried that I had no clothes etc just the uniform I had on.  I was over the moon when I received my bag of goodies with all the essentials I would need for my stay. I hope to repay the favour soon, once I am out and fit again.

All the best, Ben.


Ben’s Wife Tyler said: I was so worried he wouldn’t have anything only his uniform until he received his bag of goodies, thank you so much it really put a smile on his face and he feels proud wearing the stuff.


Lt Col A Baker January 2016


I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the great assistance that Troop Aid provides to my Medical Reception Station in Brecon. The training that takes place in Sennybridge Brecon is some of the most arduous that the army takes part in. We also cater for our naval and RAF colleagues. We have a bedding down facility for exercising soldiers in Brecon who have become injured during training. Most of them come off the area filthy dirty and wearing wet clothing with no change of clothes or toiletries. Your kind donations mean th

at my nurses can get them clean, dry and changed and the result means they make a rapid recovery. The soldiers thank us many times over for this ability and I wanted to pass it on.

Two of my nurses are taking part in the Great North Run collecting on your behalf and I hope this will be very successful.

Do pass on my regards and respect to all who work for and with your organisation.


Scott Shaw January 2016

As A Unit Welfare Officer it is imperative that we have organisations that are forward leaning and proactive on offering assistance and support when required. Troop Aid are exactly that. The support they have provided for troops on operations in the past was second to none and that level of support continues today. I have seen the help they provided first hand whether that be for Soldiers injured on or of duty. They continue to provide an extremely quick service where we are sometimes found wanting.


W01 Graeme Lindoe October 2015


I recently injured myself and was transferred to James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. My wife was enquiring on what I needed for my stay in hospital. I replied "very little due to the Troop Aid Grab Bag I had received upon entering the ward".

The bag was a surprise and it had all the essentials you require whilst in hospital.

I am really grateful to your charity and the staff that organise the delivery of these bags across the forces community.

Your work goes under the radar, but I am sure many like myself have benefited from your services.

A BIG THANK YOU and keep up the good work. A donation is on its way.


W02 Steven Whittle September 2015


Could I just say how grateful I am for the troop aid bag I received when

I came into hospital it was very very much appreciated, and Vivian and her

stand in at James Cook hospital were great

Could I ask if the bags come in an XXL mans

Once again thank you very much



Mark Johnson August 2015

Good morning, I am currently serving in the military in Cyprus and was admitted to hospital a couple of months ago which was very sudden.

I was given a grab bag which was very well received and since then I have had a proposition carried within the Mess to donate €100 to Troop Aid.

To that end, please could you forward me your account details so my UAO can BACS transfer the money into your account.


A Naval Family, Launceston June 2015


Dear All at Troop Aid

I would like to give heartfelt thanks to all your Volunteers, fundraisers and kind people that support your charity and also let you know it really does make a difference.

We are a military family with my husband and three of our sons in the Armed Forces.

Last year the unthinkable happened and our youngest son, five months into his first deployment was critically injured whilst ashore. His ship had to continue her patrol of the Gulf and we spent a week of hell waiting for his condition to stabilise so he could be flown home.

He arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with just a hospital gown and despite his serious injuries was more ashamed that he had not bathed in a week when he met us. We were in such a state of worry having travelled for hours to the hospital we had given no thought to his needs, clothing, toiletries etc. Subsequently we did not want to leave his side to go shopping.

We spent last summer with him in Intensive Care and I wanted to let you know what a difference your charity made. The toiletries and extras made such a difference to his morale, you really think of everything. He was so grateful to swap the hospital gown for the Tee and shorts (the poppers were a boon as they did not aggravate his injuries).

We are getting back to normal, he is in a recovery centre making good progress and we can now reflect on this terrible time. If there are any redeeming factors one of them would be the host of amazing, kind people that helped us through it all.

We enclose a small donation towards your charity so keep up the good work!

Thank you so much for your very practical, essential help as well as proof that in bad times others are thinking of you and care, we were truly overwhelmed.


Paul Kelly March 2015


Unit Welfare Officer, BATUK, Nairobi

A very big thank you from BATUK, the bags have arrived and we have located them down in Nairobi close to the hospital. One has already been put to good use with an admittance we had over the weekend but due to him been rushed to the hospital he went in what he stood up in.

I have made people here aware of the support you have given and can assure you they are appreciative of your efforts


Mark Smith March 2015


I've just come across your page and love it. Troop Aid were brilliant with me during my stay at the QEH.

I'm a British Veteran, I served 10 years with the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, on operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. I've also served overseas in Jamaica, the Falklands, Kenya and Canada.

In 2011, whilst in Canada going through our pre-deployment training to return to Afghanistan, I was unfortunately shot several times during a live firing incident. This resulted in the loss of my right leg, after several rounds hit my femoral artery and one round also hit my shoulder, I then spent 10 weeks in hospital,

However, since losing my leg, I have gone on to become a competitive disability bodybuilder. I entered my first show in November 2014 and won it. In the near future, with the help of the Colonels Fund of The Grenadier Guards Regimental Charity I will be going over to America to compete in the Phil Heath Classic in Houston, Texas!

For more information please go to:


L/Cpl Luke Conde February 2015


Hi there, spoke to Pam i think a short while ago to say thanks from us one legged wonders lol and to say i am taking part in a charity fundraiser in August called Tough Mudder and would really like to promote yourselves as in my opion you are the best charity out there for us wounded. We all say just how important the grab bags but also the coke fridge and tassimo machine are lol. you really are great people.


Dan Donbavand October 2014


I was recently brought back from overseas to QEHB via Aeromed, and was humbled to recieve such a generous donation of gear to get me comfortable during my stay, as I had not so much as a towel on arrival.

I had never heard of TroopAid, but now I have not only seen the great work put in by the team, I have benefited from their generosity. I will be promoting this charity once back at my unit, and I would like to express my gratitude for the great service you provide.


Sgt Ian McGovern September 2014


I would like to express my most sincere thanks and gratitude to your organisation on the work and difference you make to us out on Op Herrick, Afghanistan.

I have just been discharged from the hospital out in Camp Bastion, after an unscheduled visit from an incident out here and was given one of your bags on arrival as I had no personal kit with me. It is heart-warming to know that there are people like yourself who take the time and effort to help us after receiving an injury out here many miles from home. I initially thought I would have to be Areomed out to Birmingham but after various CT scans and test I am one of the lucky one who will recover after a few days rest and light duties and then will continue with my job until I return home in Feb'15.

Please pass on my thanks to all the staff for their care and hard work to put in to making a difference to us injured in theatre as it is extremely humbling to know that people care, especially the signed get well card from Bev and Linda it has definetly helped.


Kirsty Lowndes September 2014


Thank you for all the wonderful work you do with the injured soldiers and their families. Especially in the QE hospital, Birmingham. From personal experience after my brother was injured in 2012, I can honestly say that you are not given the recognition you deserve. You are an amazing charity and a credit to the country and the armed forces.


Dennis Sharrocks August 2014


My son was a soldier in the Rifles, when he was injured in Afghanistan, I so much appreciate what Troop Aid did to make his transition home as smooth as possible. I was a serving Officer in the PWRR at the time, it was the most terrible thing to hear your son is been blown up. I thank god charities like yours are there to help.


Thank so very much. A proud father.


Andy Purdie August 2014


Hi, I'm an ex Scots guardsman. Recently a friend had a grab bag given to him (He was a serving Irish guard in Afghan).The boxer shorts were a bit big for him so i had them off him. They are the most comfortable boxers i've ever worn! I would really like to be able to purchase more but notice that you don't sell them in your online shop only in your grab bags.


Jamie Pursall May 2014


hi guys, i broke my back last year in cyprus cliff jumping, i went to hospital with just the swimming shorts i had on as kit, your packs of kit and t-shirts were literally a god send for me while i was there.

A year on I am racing in karts again where my heart lies, for what you have done for me, i'd like to place the troop aid logo on the karts if thats ok with you, and id like to do some fund raising on your behalf if you will allow it :)


i have the kart liveries photoshopped ready to go, adding the troop aid logo help you guys out with coverage and for me it means quite alot personally.


Craig Daniell April 2014


Injured in afghanistan may 31st 2013 after a couple of ops I went home

11months later Was having a operation and was only supposed to stay In for the day had a bad situation after and stayed in longer than I thought , and would like to thank troop aid at Queen Elizabeth hospital for sorting me out with a weeks worth of clothesband toiletries amazing charity and definitely should be more recognised

Even when I was casevaced in may troop aid was there with a everything I need the 1st time

And same again this time can't thank you enough !!


Rachael Lee March 2014


We will be forever grateful for the supplies and grab bag etc my husband received on his return from Afghanistan, Thank you!


Pte Patrick Medhurst-Feeney 1 Military Working Dog Regt. March 2014


My name is Patrick Medhurst-Feeney. I am a serving soldier with 1 Military Working Dog Regt. In November 2013 I was casevaced from Afghanistan to Birmingham. I received one of your bags and I have to say what a massive help it was as I had no kit.

I have recently been admitted to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth with a different health issue and I received another of your bags as I wasn't expecting to be staying in. Before I was injured I had never heard of TroopAid. You guys have helped me so much over the past few months even though it is just giving me clothes.

I am still in rehab for my injury but once fit I would love to raise money for you guys any way that I can. I'm looking to do the London Marathon in 2015 should I be fit enough and I would be honoured to raise money for your charity.


Jason Thurlow March 2014


I just want to thank the people behind troop aid for the great support and the help give the the armed forces i was injured in afghanistan and received my pack on returning to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and it had every thing i could of needed as all of my belongings didnt get to me until the next day so it help greatly so i just want that thank you for the small and the large things that you do to help every one who needs the help thank you very much


Jim Thomson 2 Scots February 2014


Thank you Troop Aid for all that you do for our lads and lassie's, you are amazing. You have helped me to change my life by your true devotion and selfless acts of kindness and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Martin Bills January 2014


I just wanted to say thank you very much, for everything that your charity has done for me and my family over the past two weeks. I was brought back from Afghan, due to a serious medical condition, and without your help and support from the grab bag, clothes, and the mobile phone. It would of been a lot harder than it was. It just meant that there were less things I had to think about, and in doing so I was able to concentrate of the stuff which was more important at the time. It made a big difference, and I can't say how much I appreciate the work you have done. So Thank you again, and when I am well and fit again I hope to make a donation so able help others in the same sort of issue.





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